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Local Content : Why you need a local arm in the Middle East

We speak the local language. We know the culture. We understand what works here. We have operated digital campaigns across the Middle East. While a lot of best-practices are still valid, and the learnings from other markets may still be applied in the region, there are many other insights, learnings, and experiences from the local market that count.

Arabic is not one language. Different markets in the Arab world speak different dialects. Content written for one market may sound remote and alien to others.

Usage and Penetration differs. While Facebook is the king in Egypt, and twitter has a marginal penetration, this is not the case in Saudi Arabia, where twitter is main social network and is followed by Instagram and Snapchat, while Facebook comes in the tail.

Local Influencers and Platforms. Each market has its own set of influencers, key opinion leaders, and those local communities that consumers resort to when seeking information to decide on their next purchase. The Mommy Club, The Hair Addict, and Supermama are just a few examples. We help you reach out to the right communities and use the most effective key opinion leaders.

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