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Amazon in Egypt : Should e-commerce merchants be worried?

Amazon finally took down and completed its rebranding to Amazon in Egypt, together with the launch of its largest Middle East logistics center located in 10th of Ramadan City, east to Cairo. What does this bring to local e-commerce merchants and startups?

E-Commerce has been growing faster than ever before thanks to COVID lockdown, and we all know it is here to stay. With the recent relaunch of Amazon, some merchants have been worried : Amazon has the advantage of the economies of scale, and this gives both logistics (faster delivery) and price advantages that cannot be mistaken. This may allow it to crush competitors out of business. The monopolies exercised by Amazon in other countries have been witnessed.

On the other hand, some argue that Amazon, among other big e-commerce players such as Jumia and Noon, are also helping the transformation, expanding the e-commerce space, and converting consumer habits slowly but surely, which in the end will benefit the smaller merchants. and online stores who operate independently.

One clear observation is the rise of self-administered e-commerce platforms. International providers such as Shopify, Wuilt, and Wix, as well as local players such as Zammit, Zvendo, Shahbandr, and others. Indigo offers you Indigo Shop, which is your coding-free e-commerce tool that helps you build your online store in minutes. Ask about Indigo Shop to get early bird free access.

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