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Conversion Tracking : How to calculate that ROI of your campaigns

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Modern day advertising (and pretty much everything), relies heavily on data analysis. Digital advertising platforms have provided many tools to help advertisers calculate their Return-On-Investment (ROI). Here is how :

Google Ads : Use a Google Tag (a code snippet added to your website), to get feedback on what your advertising leads do on your website. If they make an order, sign-up or browse a certain page, Google gets real-time feedback, and uses artificial intelligence to learn what works best for your campaign.

Facebook : Uses a similar concept. The code snippet is called Facebook 'Pixel' and it does the same function, giving facebook real-time feedback on your campaign performance and 'conversions'.

Store-Visit Conversions : This is a relatively new type of conversion tracking that works with campaigns that have objectives set to 'store visits'. Google tracks people who physically went to your store location after seeing the ad, as well as those who used Google Maps to ask for directions and go -- whenever privacy settings allows. This is a revolutionary conversion tracking mechanism.

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